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Registered Veterinary Technician

This standard procedure defines the functional role, requirements, reporting relationships, authority, responsibilities, duties, expectations/standards and behavior/performance for the veterinary technician.


Knowledge of animal health and welfare, animal isolation, sample collection and medical treatment.

Must have the ability to handle, restrain, load and unload animals. Must be able to lift, carry, push or pull up to 50 lbs.

Requires ability to effectively communicate clearly to co-workers, doctors, and if necessary clients. Must be able to handle the stress of multi-tasking.

A technician must be able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment. Must understand there is a need for flexibility/versatility while working with each doctor.


Performs all pre-surgical duties as directed by the veterinarian.

Conduct pre-surgical exams on animals and alerts veterinarian to any concerns.

Administers and records pre-anesthetic drugs.

Maintains orderly and sanitary work areas for clinical, teaching, and research uses.

Train and supervise the back office staff.

Develop and maintain appropriate procedure and practices for the veterinary hospital.

Ensure effective communications with the Doctors through written and/or oral monthly reports.

Ensure efficient scheduling of surgeries.

Ensure that a sufficient quantity of food, pharmaceuticals, and supplies is on hand.


Responsible for having the knowledge for properly handling an autoclave and how to perform the proper maintenance.


Treats patients by placing and maintaining catheters, administers fluid and medications, removing sutures, and changing dressing.

Collects and prepares samples for research, diagnostic, and clinical purposes. May preform laboratory analysis.

Monitors animal patient in order to record and relay status of health including temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and hydration status. Also monitors food consumption, defecation, and urination and must notify a veterinarian of any irregularities.

Performs preparatory procedures on animal patients. Operating and cleaning of instruments and supplies needed for surgery. Monitors anesthesia by recording vital signs and utilizing monitoring equipment.

Stocks and organizes the animal holding area.

Sets up, inventories, maintains, secures, and repairs equipment and instruments for surgical procedures and emergencies.

Following OSHA safety standards in accordance with the hospital policy.

Maintains appropriate records and documents involving medication, anesthesia, and euthanasia solution.

Performs dental cleaning

Performs and restrains for nail trims; administers medications, blood draws and injections to in-house patients and any other pets needing these services.

Knowledge of teaching and/or demonstration of safe handling of pets.

May assist in handling animals during the euthanasia process and may need to label a bag with client information and correct form of disposal.

Performing radiographs, which include measuring properly for table settings and developing correctly.


Must show a commitment to quality service.

Must have a mature/team player attitude.

Must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Needs to have the ability to perform efficiently and calmly in time of emergencies, heavy surgery schedules, and staff absences.

Must work according to the needs of the Doctors and maintain quality care.

Company Expectations/Standards:

Must understand the nature of all tasks and of its importance.

Must be able to work as a team and not as an individual.

Must understand that there are zero tolerance for gossip; if this standard is violated, it will be up to the discretion of the supervisor to take any disciplinary action necessary.

Maintain good relations with office, staff, doctors and managers.

To have a positive attitude and treat co-workers with respect.

Always come to work dressed professionally, clean and well-groomed.


High school diploma or GED

Successful completion of a veterinary technology program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


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